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2018 Week 8 | Burned paper

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The inspiration for the current week’s layout came from my new washi tapes. I resisted my desire to put all new washi tapes into this single layout and managed to keep my design coherent. Below I will link to the tapes in AliExpress where I ordered them.

I started with a tape that gives an impression of a burned edge in paper. I added straight horizontal strips across the spread.

I found this tape from AliExpress. Click the photo to get to the shop.

I draw columns but felt I do not need to mark hours as this is a holiday week. I have some work to complete, but in Finland we have this skiing holiday, a week of from school during the winter season. It is good that people can restore their energy after the darkest parts of the winter. I used plum red and brown for the headings. In the tracker I used a circle in the ruler as a template, but drawing those little circles freehand would have been so much faster. Well, I tried and learned!

I track water with the hopes I would drink more of it. I track for five times 2,5 dl. I had this tape with just the right colors and thought why wouldn’t I use it for a tracker. This is shiny plastic tape, not real washi, but it was very thin and blended well in the cream colored background. However because it is plastic the markings need to be made with a permanent marker. I added two rows as I wanted to track also holiday related things.

Despite the perfect colours, the dots in the tape are too big, making the whole layout too busy. So I decided to calm things down and removed the tape. I do not normally undo but just go with the flow, but I have managed to make a couple of pages recently that were too busy to focus on the content, so probably I will give in more easily in the future… These are not works of art and I do not want to spend too much time perfecting my pages, but if you cannot focus on the content, that is not working either. The texts for the tracker I created with a thin Fudenosuke brush marker.

The pages with plum red and brown looked a bit dull, so I needed something to add a bit of color. I found just the right colors in a sticker set I also received last week.

I really love these stickers and cannot wait to be able to use the big one with feathers. It does not fit in this layout though, so I am saving it for later.

The stickers are also from AliExpress. The package has six different sheepts of stickers.
Out of the new washi rolls I have one features animal characters that go well together with the stickers. I used the first two characters that came out of the roll, getting this cute couple.

This washi tape is from the same shop than the supplies used above. The roll has 5 meters of tape, which is a huge bunch of these characters.

In the middle of the right page I used a small piece of the same washi. On top of the page I used a rub-on. I had been saving my winter rub-ons for the winter holiday, and now that I ended up using the new washi and stickers I wanted to use something from this set of rub-ons. The text adds a hint of colour too.

Lastly, I felt that some more color was needed so I used pink Stabilo Boss Pastel highlighter to the headings and the page was ready.

Again, English and Finnish in a total mess but that’s fine.

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  1. This is very creative Sara. I love it. Well done.

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