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From ugly stickers to fun layout? | December 2017 monthly spread

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It was time to draw the December layout and I did not have any plans. But something to bring up the holiday mood it had to be. So my eyes caught this ugly sheet of packet stickers in my craft room, and I decided I want to experiment with it.

The stickers are from Clas Ohlson and actually quite okay when put to presents, but the contrasting red and green in the sheet is just so uninviting I did not want to look at it, and these had been waiting several years already to be used. It’s time!

First I created the grid. I used the black Pentel rollerball first, then through trial and error remembered it really smudges in the Leuchtturm, and switched to a fineliner.

I took one of the biggest stickers and cut out the elf. It is perfect for the right bottom corner. It will cover the page number, but that does not matter. When you cut, do not stress about getting perfect lines. I didn’t, and can you tell?

I used red and green brush markers to write the headings and numbers. The red colour in the Sakura Pigma Brush marker is quite orangish, although the lights are a bit off as well (we do not have sunlight here at this time of year, so bear with me). I am not that good in calligraphy, it’s totally okay.

December 6th is the 100th Independence Day of my country, so I used blue from our flag to denote that.

So I continued cutting the shapes out, using elves and other motifs of different size, and positioned them into my layout. From ugly to pretty! (And cheap.)

This is how it turned out. I gives me good vibes! What do you think?

PS Can you spot my mistake? ;)




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